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The Estuary and its islands

Passport for the unknown with the Estuary cruises

The best way to get to know the Estuary and to discover it is to navigate on it !

Cruises and river rides are as numeous and various as our lust for new landscapes. You might enjoy them in a lunch cruise or a hotel house boat, or you might approach the banks looking for some unusual places onboard a small draft vessel, or overlook the loamy flow onboard a river liner for topical stopovers. Cruises give you a unique opportunity to feel the river’s emotions.


Margaux Pauillac

Become imbued with the Estuary spirit thanks to a ferry crossing at Lamarque

The crossing of the Estuary by ferry between Lamarque and Blaye, makes it possible, in twenty minutes, to go from one bank of the river to the other, from a cheerful little harbour to the suspended time of a fortified citadel’s beautiful stones. This mini cruise, which will please little ones and grown-ups, mixes serenity and slowness. It enables travellers to become gently imbued with the Estuary’s atmosphere and to discover the citadel of Blaye from an unusual angle.


Blaye Lamarque ferry Margaux

The bright call of Patiras

The name alone of Patiras’ « dark ass » evenings is intriguing.

Then, when you disembark and get caught by its bucolic charm, its history that is related with passion, when your taste buds are open to the local flavours and wines, when music seems to answer the breathing of the flow, then you feel at home. Somewhere else and at home.

And when after dark, the twenty-three-meter-high lighthouse lights up with hundreds of candles and releases sparkling lights in the darkness, it’s magic. Splendid.

A natural mosaic at Richard Lighthouse

You cannot resist the attraction of Richard Lighthouse, its history, its charming oyster breeding museum, the walks on the dyke and the magnificent views.

Indeed, from the top of the tower or from the « carrelet » (bag-like net that is fixed to a frame) which can be reached according to the tide, an extraordinary panorama of Gironde, of the Charente coast and of polders that unfold before our admiring glances.

The Estuary’s wealth on a plate

In some places in Saint-Vivien-de-Médoc, the Estuary’s banks give shelter to huts that are built on stilts as well as oyster huts. Like real postcards, they will make you feel like eating oysters or prawns produced locally. In fact, « eat » is a weak word, you will rather savour them and delight with your eyes fixed on the Estuary and… you will ask for more !


Medoc Atlantique