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Endless beaches

Lacanau capital of surfing

Perfect sandbars and adapted waves, what surfer has never dreamt of Lacanau ?

The famous « Lacanau Pro » was born in 1979. It is now the first surf professional competition in France.

This ideal playground for beginners or seasoned surfers offers more than twenty surf schools. They enable lots of people to experience the joy of surfing !


Medoc Atlantique

Take off your clothes !

Welcome to nudist paradise !

There are 3 large nudist domains in Médoc : the Helio Marine Centre, Euronat and La Jenny.

Nestled in magnificent pine forests with tents, mobile homes, bungalows and cottages, these 3 historical centres will welcome the whole family and propose pools, golf, thalassotherapy, entertainment and children’s clubs !

Try nudism, a way of life which is in harmony with Nature ! Thus, you will experience an authentic holiday which resembles you.

Walk on the water !

Standing on a long board with a paddle in your hands, you will be able to navigate along the canal between Lacanau and Maubuisson Lakes, and see turtles that have decided to nest on the shores there.

Paddling on the largest fresh water lake in France, that is a unique experience !


Medoc Atlantique

The beautiful « Soulacaises »

Classified as an ancient village, Soulac boasts 500 villas in neo-colonial style. This style came from England in the 19th century at the time of the sea bathing fashion. Architectural spikes, friezes, decorative plates or « cartouche » are a few examples of an architecture which associates stone, brick, wood and ceramics to create the charm of this seaside resort on the « Côte d’Argent » (Silver Coast).

As you walk along the streets, go back to the « Belle Epoque » times and become the privileged witness of the carefree happiness that generations have proclaimed on the pediments of their houses.


Medoc Atlantique

The Island where Children are princes

Take your children in your arms and get ready for a day on the « Children’s Island » in Hourtin Port !

You can go there on foot, by bike, scooter or pedal go karts. Children will get lost in the huge wooden fortress, they will build huts on the Banana Island or dive in the Splashpark. Lying in the shade of the trees, parents will take this opportunity to try our favourite resting spot !


Medoc Atlantique