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The Union Touristique du Médoc is a non-profit association (under 1901 French Law) which gathers tourist offices, tourist boards and tourism actors in Médoc with the aim of promoting tourism development in the territory.

Presentation of the territory

Located in the North-Western part of the département of Gironde, Médoc spreads over 2400 km² and is the home of more than
97 000 inhabitants. It comprises 52 municipalities which are grouped together in 4 municipalities communities (Médoc Atlantique, Médoc Coeur de Presqu’ile, Médoc Estuaire and La Médullienne).


Bordered eastward by the Atlantic Ocean, westward by the Gironde Estuary, in the South by the Landes Forest, the metropolis of Bordeaux and the Arcachon Basin, Médoc is a peninsula. Its geography is shaped by the river’s stream and the ocean’s flow.


The Médocan territory enjoys a large variety of landscapes. Nature is everywhere and displays four quite distinctive entities :

  • A coastal strip in the West with a system of humid zones and very large lakes behind the dune,
  • An estuary shore in the East consisting of agricultural and wine areas,
  • The « Landes girondines » (moorlands of the Gironde) with their woods dominated by maritime pines in the middle of which a few large grain and vegetable crop farms are embedded,
  • An area with a higher population density between moorlands and estuary located southeast under the influence of the Bordeaux agglomeration.


As a natural territory in harmony with omnipresent nature, Médoc is currently following a quality label procedure to become a Natural Regional Park.

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